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This website is hosted in France by

I can't tell you if they are the best, or the cheapest, but they provide share hosting on which you can install your own cloud (or the next...), and in 10 years I had like maybe a few hours ofuUnavailability

Also, their support is great ! They are quick, and very kind ! So thanks again for all the problems solved!

Structure & Theme

This website is based on Arcana by HTML5 UP, with some theme modifications of my own.

The beautiful icons in the navigation come from Icons8 (dotted). (I may began to add those icons to my apps (shaarli, etc..), but they are leftover 'original' icons. See each project for more details!). Also, I use Font Awesome when I'm lazy and just want a quick icon!

The README files below are displayed thanks to Zero-md.

Some background images come from Pixabay or Unsplash.


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